Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Artist
In PAINting you play as a starving artist who is lacking the inspiration needed to finish your masterpiece. On day, you are attacked by a mugger, struggle kill him in self-defense. When this happens the player feels the spark of inspiration that’s been lacking for so long. Naturally, in order to collect more inspiration, it becomes necessary to hack and slash the townsfolk of London, while avoiding those pesky law-enforcing bobbies. As the death toll rises, the world begins to shift, devolving into an increasingly abstract version of itself. At the end of the game, the ultimate sacrifice must be made in the name of art. (Remember, you can’t spell “painting” without “pain”.)
The devolving of the world, from most complex to least.
The devolving elements of the world.

bonus level
Gamemaker, Illustrator

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