Role: Game Designer, Unity Programmer, Artist
The Magic Goes Away is a 2D side scroller in which every time a spell is cast, magic is sucked out of the world; and it never comes back. This lack of magic has an effect on any magical life caught within the radius of the spell- shrinking magical trees down to nothing, and reducing unicorns to piles of bones. The player must deal with this non-renewable resource challenge and numerous enemies as they attempt to cross the land to find the sword of immunity before their anti-aging spells run out.
Download for Windows or Mac
The player had four spells: fireball, heal, levitation, and fog
Various NPCs and creatures provided quests and obstacles through the world 
The player also faced environmental obstacles such as darkness and gravity.
Inventory items and spell-casting would allow them to overcome such obstacles, but at a cost of less magic in the world, and no magic in their immediate area.
Illustrator, Unity

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