Role: Game Designer, Artist
An adventure puzzle game in which the player assumes the role of an apprentice word wizard. As the apprentice, the player possesses spells that rearrange letters in a word, split compound words, and switch the first letters of two words. Armed with these spells and  accompanied by a highly opinionated narrator, the player ventures forth into the realm of fairy tales to search for his missing master, Wizard Volker the Grand Keeper of Fairy Tales, who has fallen prey to the evil witch Wilhelmina. As they travel, the player gathers the tools to correct the fairy tales that have gone awry.
Gameplay Elements Breakdown
The Splitting Mechanic: making water and a melon by splitting the watermelon
The Switch Mechanic: Switching the first letter of pool and wig to make wool and the 3rd little pig.
The Rearrange mechanic: Rearranging hose to shoe
as well as splitting nightgown into night and gown so that Cinderella will give the player the key to the next area.
New 'spells' were gained with scrolls.
Death was possible, but humorous: For example if the player split a dragon fly it would make a fly and an unfortunately hungry dragon, similarly splitting a sunflower made a flower and the sun...
In keeping with the theme of fairytales, the player visited such characters as Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Evil Knights, Little Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper, and Aladdin.
Sometimes, rearranging certain elements would have an effect on the next area. For example, rearranging canoe into ocean.
Eventually the player made it though the areas to the final battle with the witch that had kidnapped his master.
If the player had successfully fixed all the tales, and saved the witch instead of destroying her, then they would see a very populated screen at the end. If not, the wizard would thank them for saving him, but tell them they had more work to do before they could be a true word-wizard.
Kelly Weeren (Me) - Creative Director, Artist. 
Ian Ward- Programmer. 
Karen Attebery- Writer, Story Designer. 
Sarah Scoggins- Producer and Sound Design

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